Dear Esteemed Customers and Partners,

Viet France Agricultural Land JSC (VFAL) is now known as a professional farming, production planner and exporter for fresh and dried fruits and vegetables such as purple and yellow passion fruit, seedless fresh lime, avocado, strawberry, pineapple, cantaloupe, litchi, longan, durian, mango, chili, ginger, pepper, basil, parsley, corn silage and other types of roasted and ground coffee, instant coffee that specially cultivated in areas with a fresh climate and high safe soil and altitude in Vietnam.

The journey to reach importers, distribution systems domestically to be on their shelves, and supermarkets in Asia, Europe and America to the end-users, at all stages, each product has to go through a rigorous censorship process. geographical indication, satisfying the standard requirements of arable land, surface water, underground water source, advanced and modern farming methods with phytosanitary measures, quality control, preliminary processing, well – equipped storage and smooth transportation, with the highest compliance. At VFAL, we always believe that every item sold is a smile of satisfaction we must collect from growers, traders, transporters to consumers. That is considered as the core value system that the Board of Management, Board of Directors as well as all employees of our company always carry in their heart to operating principles. For us, consumers’ health is always the top concern and the utmost goal that our collective aims to. The products we process to sell must comply with international standards such as GLOBAL GAP, HACPP, BRC, USDA, ECO FAIR etc… at our linking farms and processing system that meet the strict requirements from fire and food safety.

With the highest commitment to bring you a satisfying experience while establishing a partnership together, we strongly believe that a closed ecosystem from production to transportation and consumption is effective, sustainable, compliant, and deeply humanistic way (advocating gender equality issues, not violating the principles of forced use of child labor, illegal labor) will be developed based on the principles of respect, understanding and cooperation for mutual benefit.

We understand, in order to gain the trust of our partners and customers, we will need to try and make more efforts and we also hope that these efforts will contribute to your succeed so that together, we will create the highest beneficial values ​​for production and business activities as well as promote other cultural and spiritual values ​​of the community.

Sincerely thank you,

President & General Director